DOCSIS Certification

Kyrio is now the one-stop shop for testing and Certification programs, previously performed by CableLabs®.

We’ve set the standard for Certification. A device with a “CableLabs Certified” or “CableLabs Qualified” rating means the device has passed a series of compliance tests and has demonstrated interoperable functionality with other CableLabs Certified devices. Developed in cooperation with cable operators and cable equipment manufacturers, this premier Certification is designed to facilitate the manufacturing of interoperable cable devices, including cable modems, set-top boxes, digital television and telephony.

Five Steps to Achieving Certification


The number 1

Register for access to the Product Submission Tool (PST) and CableLabs documents


The number 2

Understand what you need to do to get your device certified


The number 3

Submit your application and devices to be tested


The number 4

Test your device to ensure that it is compliant with the specification.


The number 5

Upon completion, your device results are sent to the Certification Board for approval

DOCSIS 3.1 certification testing is segmented into two phases, core and secondary. This approach finds defects earlier in the testing cycle, resulting in improved overall device quality and a reduction of revisions before achieving certification.

Phase 1: Core Testing

Includes tests that are deemed very central to the specification, are critical for field deployment success, and that cover a broad range of functionality with an emphasis on RF performance.

Phase 2: Secondary Testing

TIMELINE = Additional 4-5 WEEKS after Core testing has been successfully completed.
Covers the remainder of DOCSIS 3.1 tests to ensure device compliance to the specification.

Resources and Documents

The following materials include information to prepare and submit for certification as well as links to the DOCSIS and PacketCable engineering documents. Your company’s CableLabs login is required to access certain CableLabs documents.

DOCSIS Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) / Headend Equipment/Distributed Architecture

Understand CableLabs’ Levels of Certification (Definitions)

Start here. Understand Certification, Verification and Qualification.


Certification Guidelines

A full explanation of CableLabs Certification submission requirements and everything that is required for a device to be submitted.


DOCSIS Specification (Specifications)

The full DOCSIS Specification.

Digital Certificates: securing the device

How and why to create and download the Test and Production certificates.


CableLabs Certification Wave Schedule

Understand when your device can be submitted and what version of the Specification it will need to meet.

Engineering Documents

To access the acceptance test plans and requirements, engineers can register with CableLabs.

Test Plans:
The DOCSIS Certification test plans

Test Requirements:
Detailed test requirements

Test Platform:
DOCSIS Test Platform

Test Platform:
Packetcable Test Platform

Test Guidelines for Unidirectional Digital Cable Products (UDCP):
Certification Testing Guidelines for Unidirectional Digital Cable Products (UDCP)