Intelligent Wireless Network Steering (IWiNS) is a mechanism to seamlessly transition between wireless networks (LTE, Wi-Fi, etc). For users, it delivers an optimum user experience and alleviates the frustrations associated with poor Wi-Fi connectivity. For operators, IWiNS means the most efficient utilization of wireless assets.

IWiNS 1.0

In March 2020 CableLabs released IWiNS 1.0 system components. The repository can be accessed by CableLabs’ members under a free licensing agreement with Kyrio.

In order to access the repository please email to initiate the licensing process and gain access to the repository.


IWiNS Key Features

There are two features that set IWiNS apart from other network steering solutions:

Application Awareness

Different types applications have very different throughput/latency demands. What works well for web browsing does not work as well for video conferencing. IWiNS provides the following:

  • Application type detection
  • The ability to specify different requirements for Uplink and Downlink traffic
  • Operator-defined per-application/application-type steering policies 
    (video stream, video call, etc.)
  • Operator-defines policies that are specific to their product offerings/service tiers
    (Working From Home, Premium users, etc.)

Network Awareness

Most steering solutions are only aware of the conditions on a single mobile device. IWiNS takes a holistic view and makes decisions based on the conditions on the entire network.

  • Policies are updated in real-time as network conditions change
  • Network performance is estimated using mobile OS APIs or efficient network probing algorithms
  • Network stats used in a crowd-source fashion to optimize steering policies (e.g. Google Maps fashion)
  • Policies can target specific networks(LTE, Home Wi-Fi, Public Wi-Fi)

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