Digital Certificates for Open Connectivity Foundation

Kyrio is the Management Authority (MA) and Registration Authority (RA) provider for the Open Connectivity Foundation, a standards organization that is dedicated to bringing security and interoperability for the Internet of Things (IoT) devices for consumers, businesses and industries.

Choosing Kyrio as Your OCF Certificate Provider

As a subsidiary of CableLabs, Kyrio leverages CableLabs’ rich history in providing high-quality security for DOCSIS® networked devices for 17 years, which constitutes one of the largest multi-vendor network ecosystems in the world, representing more than $100 billion in annual ecosystem revenue.

Kyrio has unique insights into hardware and systems manufacturing processes to help our customers integrate security seamlessly into their manufacturing flows. Kyrio provides management and resources to help you secure your device faster, while streamlining your manufacturing processes

Benefits and Services:

  • Fast issuance of production certificates
  • Certificate inventory tracking
  • Guidance and resources on integrating certificates into your product
  • Secure, easy-to-use certificate portal
  • Code signing, custom PKIs, secure hardware integration available
  • Exceptional turnaround and customer support

Kyrio is your Management Authority and Registration Authority for the OCF

Kyrio—a subsidiary of CableLabs—builds and operates security solutions for global, multi-vendor networks and industry ecosystems. Kyrio leverages over 17 years of experience in public key infrastructure (PKI) management to service the entire Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) ecosystem. As the Management Authority (MA) for some of the largest multi-vendor ecosystems in the world, Kyrio is the ideal MA and Registration Authority (RA) provider for the OCF. As RA, Kyrio manages everyday operations and the issuance of digital certificates with the Root CA and Subordinate CA as an additional layer of security.

Kyrio was an active contributor to the development of the OCF Security specifications to ensure that security best practices were incorporated into the OCF ecosystem certificate policy. Kyrio has expertise deploying identity-based access control systems for networks supporting millions of connected devices and provides full lifecycle management for digital certificates implemented in OCF-certified products.

Request Production and Test Certificates

If you’re already an OCF member, then you can request test and production certificates from the OCF Certification Management System. Click the link below to be taken to the portal.

Get Your Certificates

Certification Testing with Kyrio

Kyrio is also an authorized test lab (ATL) for businesses seeking certification from the OCF. Kyrio’s IoT testing utilizes our 5,000 sq. ft. test house engineered to meet the testing demands of devices deployed in today and tomorrow’s residential and commercial networks.

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