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Adaptive Route Control: An Alternative to Manual Connectivity Troubleshooting

ARC Hotspot

Many broadband users are familiar with the occasional need to troubleshoot a degraded network connection at an inconvenient time. ARC Hotspot removes this burden for the user. It increases the reliability of broadband services for homes and businesses by automating the switch from wired access to cellular hotspot—and back again. ARC Hotspot creates a better experience for the user and can also potentially improve customer loyalty, lower churn and increase revenue per customer for the operator.

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ARC Mobile

Adaptive Route Control:
More Control, Better Customer Experience

ARC Mobile

Today when connectivity is poor, users are responsible for manually troubleshooting and switching to a better quality connection and operators incur high costs when carrying network traffic over cellular networks. ARC Mobile enables route customization per customer per application in real time and intelligently routes traffic over the best quality network. Operators can automatically route traffic over the lowest cost network, enabling them to stay competitive and maintain operational efficiencies.

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Flexible Automated Testing


Today, certification is an isolated testing activity that takes place only once in a device’s lifecycle, with limited visibility, input, control, and benefit to equipment manufacturers. FlexTest revolutionizes current certification models by reducing friction and allowing customizable and flexible testing at all stages of a product’s lifecycle, thus ensuring validation of hardware and software before and after launch.

Services for the Communications Industry

Decades of communications technology expertise, relationships, partnerships and affiliations make Kyrio the most trusted source for network operators and their suppliers.

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Depend on Kyrio expertise to develop, integrate, host and deliver mission-critical software-based solutions and insights for network operators and their partners.

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Network Testing Services

Network Testing Services

From certification to validation to true-to-life testing, Kyrio creates confidence in solution performance and specification compliance for operators and manufacturers.

Operators and their suppliers trust Kyrio for:

Man with technology

We’ve created a pre-testing program that helps suppliers to save precious time and resources.

Validate your Low Latency DOCSIS implementation before submitting your device for DOCSIS Certification. Contact Kyrio to learn more.

cloud technology

Develop and deliver innovative and impactful software solutions.

Depend on Kyrio expertise to develop, integrate, host and deliver mission-critical software-based solutions and insights for network service providers and their partners.

Wi-Fi 6 is here! Test your wireless devices before they go to market.

Offering faster speeds and greater capacity, the latest version of Wi-Fi, 802.11ax, provides a wireless solution that supports the needs of customers who expect to be connected around-the-clock. In a time where a consistent and reliable wireless connection is more important to customers than ever, it’s vital to know the capabilities of your Wi-Fi 6 devices.

collaboration technology

Facilitate collaboration between cable industry operators and their suppliers to streamline processes and eliminate redundancies.

Operators need solutions to be tested prior to supplier selection and deployment. As a result, suppliers are asked by many operators for the same types of testing, potentially creating duplicative costs for the suppliers and the operator. At Kyrio, we integrate with operator procurement processes, and hunt for opportunities for suppliers to reduce duplicated testing.

Kyrio’s partnership-driven business model and CableLabs relationship create strategic value for the industry and its members. Our trusted experts minimize duplication through programs that reduce costs and increase speed to market for individual operators and their suppliers.


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