Pre-Testing for DOCSIS® and PacketCable™ 1.5 Certification

DOCSIS and PacketCable device suppliers have consistently asked Kyrio to reduce the total amount of time a device spends in Certification in order to accelerate their sales cycle. With this in mind, we’ve created a pre-testing program that helps suppliers to save precious time and resources.

Accelerating DOCSIS Certification

Kyrio offers a Pre-testing program for DOCSIS Certification that rewards suppliers for submitting devices for Certification that test cleanly and quickly. This program will also help to:  

    • Ensure that future devices will test cleanly as well​​
    • Debug an issue or verify a fix for an issue
    • Test specific areas of a device:
      • PHY compliance of new hardware
      • Immunity against Wi-Fi or LTE
      • Additional features:  (Profile Management, LLD)
      • Upcoming 4.0 Features

Kyrio Pre-Testing Services

Kyrio offers BasicAdvanced and Custom Pre-Testing services to help suppliers save time and money in getting their products to market, and, to gain the confidence they need to pass DOCSIS Certification.


Basic Pre-Testing

(6 tests)

This is a group of tests set as a “Sanity” or “Smoke” level test set and is the bare minimum needed to ensure that the device performs properly


Advanced Pre-Testing

(30+ tests)

Quality assurance and value-added investment to ensure a general “Acceptance” level test set has been completed successfully, thus reducing the chance of a high severity failure in the Certification cycle


Custom Pre-Testing

This service is intended to focus on troubleshooting issues that may have arisen in prior submissions or are known to the supplier

Pre-Testing for PacketCable Certification

Full Pre-Testing executes the complete suite of PC 1.5 Certification tests. The differences between Full Pre-testing and normal Certification testing are:​

  • Full Pre-testing results are returned only to the manufacturer, whereas Certification results are reported to the Certification Board for a Certification decision​
  • Full Pre-testing results may be requested independently of DOCSIS Certification testing, whereas PacketCable Certification testing must always be conducted in tandem with DOCSIS Certification testing

Reduced Pre-Testing is a comprehensive subset of tests from each PacketCable 1.5 Specification test plan, plus short duration system test scenarios:​

Reduced Pre-Testing executes core protocol tests from:​

    • Network-based Call Signaling (NCS) 
    • Management Event MIB (MEM)​
    • Dynamic Quality of Service (DQoS)
    • Security​
    • Provisioning (PROV)
    • CODEC​

Reduced Pre-Testing System testing scenarios include one hour runs for:​

    • On-net voice​
    • On-net Fax​
    • On-net DTMF​
    • 3 way calling