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Create better end user experiences by understanding the performance capabilities of your devices in real-world scenarios. As a trusted partner, Kyrio’s world-class testing services bring together the facilities, the people and the industry to meet the needs of the communications ecosystem.

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  • Gain trust by leveraging a neutral and trusted third party
  • Benefit from access to industry SMEs
  • Save time and costs to free up internal resources
  • Clearly understand performance factors with detailed data analysis and recommendations
  • Take advantage of Kyrio’s extensive capabilities to test both residential and commercial deployments
Kyrio engineer testing in lab
Kyrio engineer testing cable modem
Kyrio engineer testing in lab

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Kyrio offers wired and wireless testing services for device suppliers including:

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Wi-Fi, Extender & Mesh

Leverage Kyrio’s test house, anechoic chamber and world-class lab to assess and validate wireless features, interoperability, and extender performance, including Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E.

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Mobility (5G, LTE, CBRS)

Kyrio can perform a variety of tests to understand how new network configurations work with your existing infrastructure.
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Device Security Analysis

Increase product confidence by deploying baseline device security testing, validation and health checkups.
Interoperability Plug-Fests Icon

Interoperability PlugFests

Kyrio’s Interoperability PlugFests enable a collaborative evaluation of consumer device performance and interoperability across multiple operator networks.
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Optical Network Devices

Leverage Kyrio’s world-class laboratory and staff to evaluate optical network devices, ensuring compatibility with a network and understand the performance characteristics and limitations of the devices.
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Energy Testing

Kyrio is ISO-17025 accredited to test STB and SNE devices for the energy efficiency voluntary agreements in the United States and Canada (CEEVA).

More Testing Services

Decades of communications technology expertise, relationships and partnerships make Kyrio the most trusted source for network equipment testing and professional services.
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Kyrio is the exclusive provider for industry-authorized CableLabs DOCSIS and PacketCable certification testing and also provides testing for a number of industry consortiums.

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Partner and community programs

partner & community programs

As new products and services emerge, Kyrio is here provide in-depth support to align your technical implementations with your business objectives.

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