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Kyrio Community Programs

The Lifecycle Community Testing Programs provide an opportunity for operators to co-fund and share comprehensive test results for a network device that is of mutual interest.

The programs are annual subscription services that allow multiple network operators to share the cost of testing, verify device hardware and software and collaborate amongst peers to discuss device performance, deployment observations and common issues.

Current Operator Communities include:

Hitron CODA 4582, 4589: Testing begins on SDK 7.1

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Comcast XB7: Focused on wireless and ax capabilities, with an additional lens toward interoperability with extender devices. The community is currently being formed with a launch date of August 1, 2020.

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If you are interested in starting a new device community with like-minded operators

WiFi Router

Retail Device Program

As the need for operators to support third-party retail devices connecting to their networks increases, operators need to ensure compatibility with their systems and understand the performance characteristics and limitations of the devices to provide better customer support.

Kyrio has been selected as the trusted third party to perform retail device testing. With combined experience of hundreds of years of DOCSIS and wireless testing, Kyrio provides the scale and efficiencies to streamline the retail certification process for network operators and their suppliers.

Our Focus

  • Ensure retail devices work on operator’s network by emulating their environments
  • Baseline the functional and performance characteristics
  • Identify limitations of devices under stress test and stability scenarios
  • Adapt testing to support continuously evolving wired and wireless standards

More Testing Services

Decades of communications technology expertise, relationships and partnerships make Kyrio the most trusted source for network equipment testing and professional services.
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Kyrio is the exclusive provider for industry-authorized CableLabs DOCSIS and PacketCable certification testing and also provides testing for a number of industry consortiums.

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Network Testing

Network Testing

Kyrio testing ensures suppliers get products to market with the confidence they are ready to perform in the rigors of the modern network.