Does Your PON Equipment Testing Go Far Enough?

The future of PON depends on interoperability. As technology continues to evolve, seamless customer experiences will require compatibility across the entire ecosystem. But variations in PON standards leave operators to rely on supplier-based test programs and makes it challenging to validate product interoperability.

Kyrio bridges this gap with neutral, comprehensive third-party testing that simulates operator environments and reduces the need for extensive lab trials. We help you improve network performance, reduce downtime, and improve user experiences with end-to-end interoperability testing.

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Say Goodbye to Internal Troubleshooting and Hello to Hassle-Free Deployment

When PON network equipment doesn’t work seamlessly, it causes headaches for both you and your customers. But internal testing and troubleshooting requires expensive labs and can be time consuming, slowing down speed to market and putting customer satisfaction at risk.

Kyrio’s premier testing lab takes the burden of certification off your shoulders with comprehensive PON testing that validates interoperability of OLTs and ONTs.

  • Simulate Operator Environments

    Configurable end-to-end operator plant simulation

  • Map Test Strategies to KPIs

    Targeted testing to validate operational and end-user metrics

  • Comprehensive Interoperability Testing

    Validate compatibility across complex ecosystems

  • Full Security Testing

    Device security testing across multiple use cases and network configurations

  • Environmental Testing

    Verify product capabilities in various temperature and humidity conditions

Optimize PON Testing for Interoperability

Step Into the Future of PON with Kyrio

Neutral Testing Lab

Validate interoperability across your full network environment in our neutral, state-of-the-art testing labs.

Deep Expertise

Our expertise includes PhD researchers and test engineers with experience in creating PON testing strategies that map to your objectives and KPIs.

World-Class Test Equipment

Get better insights and accelerate speed to market with our world-class test equipment

Go Further with Comprehensive Interoperability PON Testing

Our deep expertise and state-of-the-art testing labs give you confidence that equipment will operate seamlessly within your PON field network environment.