The Kyrio Testing Lab: The Industry's Leading Facility

Our 14,000-square-foot state-of-the-art testing lab features an investment in excess of $20 million, including an expansive set of network equipment, a cable modem termination system (CMTS) and a 5,000-square-foot test house. Kyrio has both the capacity and expertise to help get your product to market.

Anechoic chambers are often used to measure antennae characterization with a focus on interference and aggregation issues. In addition, Kyrio’s lab is equipped with 175 racks of equipment, advanced traffic and signal generation and measurement tools.

The Kyrio Test House is equipped with DOCSIS® 3.1 CMTS which enables gigabit traffic. Within the test house, we manage up to 50 Wi-Fi clients with a mix of 802.11 ac, n, b, g and ax to simulate real-world scenarios. Ixia and ByteBlower traffic generators are available as well.

Take a tour of the CableLabs and Kyrio test facility.

“I trust the test results because I know Kyrio has qualified people using the highest level of equipment and resources to conduct testing.”

“Kyrio has testing capabilities that other labs simply don’t have”

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In addition to certification testing, pre-certification testing can spot potential problems earlier for a more streamlined submission process. Certification performed by Kyrio demonstrates to operators that your product works with the specifications and standards that keep the industry in the lead for fast and secure connectivity.

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Kyrio offers a full suite of wireless testing for network gateways, embedded and standalone Wi-Fi access points, antenna and enclosure designs and end-user devices at our 5,000-square-foot test house. Kyrio helps operators and their suppliers better understand the performance capabilities of devices in real-world scenarios.

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Kyrio’s labs give you access to multiple CMTS configurations, Rohde & Schwarz anechoic chambers, Ixia IXChariot and IXVeriWave software and octoBox testbeds. The Kyrio lab provides access to Kyrios 150+ years of experience to help you with any project.


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