Flexible Automated Testing

Connecting Technology

Today, device manufacturers provide network equipment for cable service operators. Throughout the product development lifecycle, the equipment requires testing and certification. Testing of hardware and software includes component, integration, interoperability, and end-to-end strategies. The certification process typically happens at the end of the product development, just before going to market. In today’s agile landscape, testing and certification need to adapt to new product development processes that are employed to save time and costs. Device manufacturers need a test platform that they can access anytime, anywhere to expedite time to market.

Kyrio FlexTest provides device manufacturers with automated, remote, and flexible test capabilities for the full product development lifecycle. With over 1500 devices certified, resulting in 2.3 billion units shipped since 2001, Kyrio is the most trusted source for network equipment testing and software services. We employ global standards to test devices in real network environments to ensure that customer’s devices and their subsequent release updates, are each high-quality, giving them a competitive edge.

How Does FlexTest Work?

With FlexTest, customers ship a device directly to Kyrio. Devices are then checked in and connected to a test bench. Through our web portal, customers can easily select and schedule specific tests, and review results in real-time. Additionally, these devices can remain with Kyrio for any future testing, such as software updates. It’s that simple!

FlexTest: Be In The Driver’s Seat:

Now you have control over: 

    • Testing timelines beginning to end, along the full product development lifecycle
    • Full visibility of the testing process 
    • Real-time access to status and detailed results
    • Pause testing to troubleshoot your device, rather than waiting until testing is complete
    • Seamlessly reuse the same DOCSIS tests used during Certification, at any phase of a product’s life cycle 

Kyrio has the test platform and test engineers that enable you to: 

    • Leverage and access Kyrio’s automation, equipment, and technical resources at all stages of testing 
    • Gain access to the world’s only official DOCSIS Certification Lab (the same lab where final certification is performed)
    • Seamlessly transfer product regression testing to a trusted partner so your engineers don’t have to focus on testing 
    • Track common issues and errors across all submitted devices on one platform in order to detect problem patterns over time

Why FlexTest is Unique:

Today, certification is an isolated testing activity that takes place only once in a device’s lifecycle, with limited visibility, input, control, and benefit to equipment manufacturers. FlexTest revolutionizes current certification models by reducing friction and allowing customizable and flexible testing at all stages of a product’s lifecycle, thus ensuring validation of hardware and software before and after launch.

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