FlexTest: Flexible, Automated DOCSIS® Testing On Your Schedule

Get products to market faster and reduce your costs with flexible, automated DOCSIS testing.

Traditional testing sometimes requires lengthy timelines, travel to the physical testing site to support troubleshooting, and expensive equipment if you plan to test in-house. FlexTest removes those friction points by automating the testing process and providing remote access so device manufacturers can set up, schedule, control, run, and monitor tests anytime, anywhere.

Testing Solutions That Put You in the Driver’s Seat

Kyrio FlexTest delivers automated, remote, and flexible test capabilities for the full product development lifecycle. Built by the experts at Kyrio and CableLabs, our software platform addresses the unique elements of DOCSIS Acceptance Test Plan (ATP) testing, resulting in continuously automated test scripts that optimize as your process evolves.

FlexTest helps you decrease costs, accelerate time to market, and increase testing capacity with:


Cost Management

Reduce capital and operational expenses by leveraging Kyrio equipment and expertise.



Troubleshoot at any stage of product development, not just during formal Certification.



Fill skill gaps or off-load steps in your process when you can’t support your testing timeline internally.



Get immediate, real-time access to test results and the ability to troubleshoot at a moment’s notice.



Accelerate time to market by removing friction, identifying technical issues earlier and conducting tests on your schedule.



Maintain exceptional process integrity and compliance to the specification by leveraging our world-class lab.

Official DOCSIS Certification Lab

Kyrio is the only official DOCSIS certification lab in the world. We help you prepare for DOCSIS certification by ensuring your devices are ready to meet specifications ahead of time. With FlexTest, you can seamlessly reuse the same DOCSIS tests used during certification at any phase of a product’s life cycle.

Get Ready for DOCSIS 4.0!

Accelerate your timeline and reduce or even eliminate the cost of purchasing new test equipment specific to DOCSIS 4.0. Track common issues and errors across all devices on one platform, and ensure successful certification ahead of time in the lab that Kyrio has built for the benefit of our entire industry.

FlexTest is currently available for D3.1, D3.0, and EuroDOCSIS. Additionally, D4.0 automated tests will be available in 2024.

Test Early, Test Often

We believe testing should be flexible enough to fit your development timeline. Our FlexTest platform revolutionizes the testing process so you can increase speed and capacity while reducing spend. Here’s how it works:

Futuristic abstract waves
  • Ship your devices to Kyrio.

  • Schedule tests through our web portal.

  • Test, modify, repeat.

  • Review results in real time.

Devices can remain with Kyrio for any future testing, such as software updates or service operator specific engagements. It’s that simple!

Why Kyrio?

Leverage Kyrio’s powerful testing solutions and expertise to stay ahead of the curve.

  • Automated, Configurable Testing Solutions

    Run multiple testing cycles and reduce potential for error with automated testing that can be configured to your needs.

  • World-Class Test Facilities

    Simulate real-world scenarios with our state-of-the-art testing lab, equipment, and resources.

  • Powerful Expertise

    Leverage Kyrio’s automation, orchestration system, and technical expertise at all stages of testing.

  • DOCSIS Certification Partner

    Kyrio is the only official DOCSIS certification testing partner in the world.

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