Test Your Wi-Fi 6/6e Devices with the Industry's Most Trusted Lab

Wi-Fi 6/6e is here! Offering faster speeds and greater capacity, the latest version of Wi-Fi, 802.11ax, provides a wireless solution that supports the needs of customers who expect a great connection around the clock. In a time when a consistent and reliable wireless connection is more important to customers than ever, it’s vital to know the capabilities of your Wi-Fi 6/6e devices. Test your wireless devices before they go to market to ensure the best customer experience possible. ​

The Benefits of Wi-Fi 6/6e (802.11ax)

Wi-Fi 6/6e offers an array of benefits, but the biggest differentiator from Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) is the ability to support dozens of high-bandwidth connections at a time. Wi-Fi 6/6e users can confidently and simultaneously host video calls, participate in webinars, attend online school, stream entertainment and game without a hitch.
  • Support of more simultaneous devices – Users can game, learn, work, stream entertainment, etc. concurrently without sacrificing stream quality or speed
  • Faster wireless speed – Up to 4x higher throughput in dense environments than the previous version of Wi-Fi
  • Stronger wireless signal – Wi-Fi 6/6e offers an extended range and more robust signals in outdoor environments
  • A more secure network – WPA3, a major security upgrade, makes networks harder to hack
  • Improved battery life – Wi-Fi 6/6e devices don’t need to communicate with routers as frequently, resulting in better battery life
Users Icon
Users Icon

Supports increasing number of users per network

Faster Speed Icon
Faster Speed Icon

Faster speeds

Higher throughput icon
Higher throughput icon

Noticeably higher throughput

Improved latency icon
Improved latency icon

Improved latency

Video quality icon
Video quality icon

Consistently crisp video quality

Increased stability icon
Increased stability icon

Increased stability

Security icon
Security icon

Major security update

Battery Icon
Battery Icon

Better battery life

Data traffic icon
Data traffic icon

Better traffic handling during times of congestion

Wi-Fi 5

  • Single User

    Focused on single user support

  • Single Frequency

    Operates in 5GHz band

  • Funnel

    Maximum throughput of 6.9 Gbps

  • security badge

    WPA2 Security

Wi-Fi 6/6e

  • multi user

    Focused on multiuser support

  • two frequencies

    Operates in 5GHz and 2.4GHz band

  • Funnel

    Maximum throughput of 9.6 Gbps

  • security badge

    WPA3 security – offers robust encryption and password protection enhancements

How to Ensure Wi-Fi 6/6e Readiness

What to look at:

  • Test your devices at a test house to understand how a device performs in a real-world environment, using a mix of clients, loads and protocols​
  • Understand device characterization and performance by utilizing both controlled (chamber) and semi-controlled (test house) environments
  • Understand how multiple access points coordinate device traffic as they traverse the network​
  • Measure the performance of mesh and extender deployments versus single AP deployments
  • Analyze how a device performs at different angles and positions

Kyrio's Testing Capabilities

Kyrio has experienced wireless professionals to help you craft, execute and understand your Wi-Fi 6/6e device testing plan.

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The Full Picture

.ax Premium Testing Suite

Have the confidence that any device you put into market performs in any number of conditions.

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Deliver the Best

Performance Testing Suite

Gain confidence that your device is meeting your customers’ wireless needs.

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Real World Performance

Test House Testing Suite

Understand how your device will perform in a real world environment.

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Find the Right Fit

.ax Homologation Testing Suite

Compare multiple devices to find the device that performs the best in controlled and semi-controlled environments.