Wireless Device Testing

Test your devices before they go to market! Leverage Kyrio’s world-class laboratory, test house and wireless expertise to get a comprehensive analysis of your device’s capabilities.

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Performance Testing Suite

Gain confidence in selecting the right device

​Whether it’s a wireless problem or a device problem, end users hold operators accountable for connectivity performance. Negative end-user experiences often lead to an uptick in costly service calls and truck rolls. By thoroughly testing device(s) prior to device selection, operators can gain confidence that they are delivering the best experiences to their end customers.

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Kyrio engineer testing in lab

Kyrio’s Performance Testing Suite includes 8 test house and performance-based tests that, once completed, will provide operators with thorough device insights on​​

  • Ability to operate at all expected channel widths
  • Throughput and coverage in a test house
  • Redirection/steering using both traffic load and interference triggers 
  • APs ability to serve multiple clients
  • Device’s ability to appropriately distribute load and respond to attenuation changes
  • Device’s ability to identify and respond to co-channel and external source interference
  • Device’s ability to serve increasing number of clients while increase load