Wireless Device Testing

Test your devices before they go to market! Leverage Kyrio’s world-class laboratory, test house and wireless expertise to get a comprehensive analysis of your device’s capabilities.

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.ax Premium Testing Suite

Have the confidence that any device you put into market performs in any number of conditions

This testing suite extends far beyond characterization of a device to include performance and test house performance in real-world conditions.  

Operators and suppliers need to have the confidence that any device they put into market will perform in any number of conditions. This is accomplished by conducting tests in controlled and semi-controlled environments. 

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Kyrio engineer testing cable modem

Kyrio’s .ax Premium Test Suite includes 15 critical tests that, once completed, will provide operators and suppliers with thorough device insights on:

  • Basic operational and fundamental functionality 
  • Ability to operate at all expected channel widths
  • Throughput and coverage in a test house
  • Effect of attenuation and throughput variances
  • RF characteristics and performance
  • Co-channel interference
  • Device’s ability to service multiple disperse clients with a UHD/4k-like load for 20 continuous hours