Wireless Device Testing

Feel confident deploying devices that have been tested in a “real world” environment. 

Real World Performance

Test House Testing Suite

Simulate a real-world environment to access realistic performance expectations

Testing devices in a controlled environment is vital for a well-rounded test plan, but with these tests alone, it can be hard to tell how a device will perform in a “real world” environment. 

To truly understand the throughput, latency and traffic routing behaviors of a Wi-Fi 6 capable device, operators and suppliers should complement testing in a lab with real-life testing within a test house.   

Real World Icon (House)

Kyrio’s Test House Testing Suite includes 9 critical tests that enable operators and suppliers to supplement testing in a controlled environment by evaluating the device in a real-life scenario in the Kyrio test house with commonly encountered construction materials. 

Use Kyrio’s world-class test house to complement your laboratory and testing practices while deploying your devices faster and with greater confidence.