Comcast Retail Program by Kyrio (2020)

Welcome to the Comcast Testing Program

In partnership with Comcast, Kyrio has been selected to help you achieve your Comcast Retail Certification.  With over 20 years of experience in one of the largest connected-device ecosystems in the world, Kyrio’s comprehensive knowledge ensures device and service interoperability and has delivered millions of reliable products.


Just follow these three easy steps to get your devices Comcast Retail Certified:

1. Start the Certification Process for your Retail Modem

  • Complete an application on the Comcast Vendor Portal
  • Send us an email indicating the device to be tested and expected arrival date at the Kyrio lab.
  • Kyrio will develop a statement of work.  Please complete, sign, and submit the statement of work (SOW) to Kyrio.
  • Complete the application in Kyrio’s Product Submission Tool or (PST).

2. Send Us Your Devices

  • Kyrio will contact you to schedule a kick-off call to review the testing process, confirm the submission, discuss the schedule and communication plan, and conduct Q&A session.
    • Please ship 12 devices to Kyrio at:

      Attn: Lisa Warther, Comcast Retail Program
      858 Coal Creek Circle
      Louisville CO, 80027
      Phone:  +1 303 661 3181

3. Kyrio Testing & Certification Steps

  • Kyrio initiates the testing and provides a weekly progress update.
  • At the completion of testing, Kyrio will submit the test result to you and Comcast.
  • Kyrio will schedule a Results Review Meeting for you and the Comcast Retail staff.
  • Upon successfully completing Comcast Retail Testing, Comcast will complete the onboarding activities and add your device to “MyDeviceInfo”


At Kyrio, we are honored to serve as your main point of contact throughout the device testing process. If you have any questions or need a PST log-in, please contact us at