The Power of Now and Support During Critical Times

Video messages have become my thing lately, especially when they are about customers, culture and the amazing things we do for our customers at Kyrio. I’ve posted several videos to our internal Slack channels that we use throughout the company. They are short, casual and conversational about a few key topics. My videos come from the office, hotel rooms, and even trips in the car. This helps me stay connected and stimulate ongoing conversations whether I’m in the office or on the road.

I’d like to begin sharing these videos with you, our stakeholders. It’s a transparent way that lets you know what I’m communicating to our team and what’s important to the company. And we want to live the things we talk about by continuing to build an amazing culture, creating phenomenal customer experiences, continuously creating opportunities and growth for our employees, and sharing our overwhelming passion for connecting the world through the customers, partners and technologies we work with everyday.

We continuously work on culture, to make it the driver of everything we do. Culture is a journey, not a destination. And we’re intentional about the culture we have and the culture want to create. We innovate and learn more about how to make culture front and center everyday.

Now, onto the video!

This video is about how we live and change our culture. In this short video, I talk about the power of now and how this concept can improve organizational speed. I also talk about how passion and community are woven into our culture, as evidenced by how we support each other in times of great personal need.

Kyrio, and our parent company CableLabs’s, culture is built around five simple, yet deeply powerful themes: Customer, Integrity, Speed, Community and Passion.

Thanks for watching.



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