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Ecosystem Management

Connected smart devices allow for a level of real-time intelligence, responsiveness and data granularity that was not possible a decade ago. However, controlling access and managing a vast network of thousands of autonomous devices can be a daunting challenge. Compounding that challenge is enforcing specifications and standards to make sure all devices in your ecosystem comply with your requirements.

Kyrio Security Services is the foundation of network security for some of the largest networks in the world. We are experts at designing, governing and managing large PKI ecosystems to ensure device identity, brand and manufacturer integrity, and access control for networks supporting millions of connected devices. Our scalable Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) expands to meet the growth needs of both manufacturers and network operators.

Kyrio is the preferred security provider for CableLabs, OpenADR, Wi-Fi Alliance, and Center for Medical Interoperability (CMI).

You need to know, with high certainty, what is in your ecosystem. Kyrio Security Services can show you how.

Broadband & Wireless

Large network operators utilize Kyrio’s Security Services to ensure the integrity of devices connecting to their networks. Millions of set top boxes, cable modems and wireless devices deployed in networks today are secured through Kyrio’s multi-vendor PKI ecosystem.

Kyrio provides digital certificates for Passpoint Hot Spot 2.0, enabling seamless wireless roaming among Wi-Fi networks and between Wi-Fi and cellular networks. As a preferred security provider for Wi-Fi Alliance, Kyrio works with wireless manufacturers to implement key digital security features.

Commercial and Industrial IoT

Providing granular control over lighting, sensors, actuators and other smart IoT devices gives your customers benefits of efficiency, cost and customization. Kyrio’s Security Services embeds a unique, cryptographic identity in each device so you can manage your ecosystem and know that your devices have not been tampered with.

Energy Smartgrid

The security and reliability of managing electric smart grid energy enables utilities to cost-effectively meet growing energy demand and allows customers to control their energy future. Kyrio is the exclusive provider of PKI security to the OpenADR (Automated Demand Response) utility industry consortium ensuring the identity and integrity of devices connecting to the smartgrid.


Maintaining information privacy, accuracy and security is vital to providing quality medical device integrity. With Kyrio, connected medical devices can achieve the goal of more responsive and efficient medical care, while maintaining patient privacy. Kyrio is working with the Center for Medical Interoperability (CMI) to help set interoperability standards for connected medical devices.

Automotive Sub-Systems

Modern vehicles are essentially rolling networks. While the concept of a “connected car” is still a work in progress, each vehicle today is its own network of connected Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and digital radio and auto sub-systems. Steering, braking, traction sensors, climate control and infotainment are just a small sample of intelligent devices that can be found on a vehicle’s internal network. Kyrio’s device identity and access control integrity can help vehicle manufacturers manage increasingly complex automobile networks to ensure that communications are reliable and secure.