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The SunSpec Alliance is an information standards and certification organization for the Distributed Energy Resource (DER) industry and is entrusted to enforce California Rule 21 communication requirements for all solar inverters and energy storage systems.

Kyrio is the exclusive public key infrastructure (PKI) provider for SunSpec Alliance and its members seeking SunSpec Certification and California Rule 21 compliance.   Kyrio manages the SunSpec PKI and issues production certificates to ensure that SunSpec Certified devices meet security, encryption and data integrity standards.  Follow these three steps to acquire production PKI certificates.

Steps to Get SunSpec Certified:

Join SunSpec

The first step in the certification process is to join the SunSpec Alliance to be eligible for participation in the program. Please visit the SunSpec website for more information on how to become a member and visit SunSpec to access the SunSpec Certification and PKI Product Development Kit.

Get Test PKI Certificates

After obtaining the SunSpec Certification Product Development Kit, the next step is to request test PKI certificates. Test PKI certificates allows for proper testing and evaluation prior to certification testing with a SunSpec Authorized Test Lab (ATL). While ATLs may offer test PKI certificates for testing, it is expected that organizations acquire their own test PKI certificates from SunSpec.

Get Production PKI Certificates with Kyrio

Once your device is SunSpec Certified, you can request PKI production certificates through Kyrio by completing the SunSpec DCSA and SunSpec CSV.

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Certificate Delivery Schedule

The process for the initial PKI set-up typically takes between 30 to 45 calendar days to complete.  Most of this time is associated with the validation process as well as the MICA and End Entity Certificate Set-up.

Ship California Rule 21 Compliant Products

After completing your SunSpec Certification and enrolling in the production PKI certificates, your product will be in compliance with California’s Rule 21, listed in SunSpec’s product registry and will be ready for shipping.


Additional Resources:


Certificate Portal Instructions for MICA customers

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions about the process, the Kyrio team is ready to help whether it is a technical, financial or operational inquiry.

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