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Kyrio is the exclusive public key infrastructure (PKI) provider for SunSpec Alliance and its members seeking SunSpec Certification and California Rule 21 compliance. Kyrio manages the SunSpec PKI and issues production certificates to ensure that SunSpec Certified devices meet security, encryption and data integrity standards.

Steps to Get SunSpec Certified:

Join SunSpec

The first step in the certification process is join SunSpec Alliance to be eligible for participating in the program. SunSpec Alliance is an information standards and certification organization for the Distributed Energy Resource (DER) industry and is entrusted to enforce California Rule 21 communication requirements for all solar inverters and energy storage systems. Please visit the SunSpec website for more information on how to become a member.

Access SunSpec Certification and PKI Product Development Kit

Visit SunSpec to access the SunSpec Certification and PKI Product Development Kit.

Get Test PKI Certificates

After obtaining the SunSpec Certification Product Development Kit, the next step is to request test PKI certificates. Test PKI certificates allows for proper testing and evaluation prior to certification testing with a SunSpec Authorized Test Lab (ATL). While ATLs may offer test PKI certificates for testing, it is expected that organizations acquire their own test PKI certificates from SunSpec.

Test Product at SunSpec Authorized Test Lab

When your product is ready, have it tested at a SunSpec ATL. In addition to being SunSpec’s exclusive PKI provider, Kyrio is also a SunSpec ATL and available to perform certification testing. The benefit of using Kyrio as your ATL and PKI provider on your path to California Rule 21 compliance are:

  • Our experience is the difference. As a subsidiary of CableLabs, Kyrio has a strong track record of certifying over 2.3 billion devices on behalf of the cable industry since 2001.
  • Discounted pricing. Discounted pricing is available for SunSpec members that choose Kyrio as their ATL. Contact Kyrio for more pricing information.
  • One team for all of your needs. Using Kyrio as both your ATL and PKI provider ensures you’ll be working with one team for the entire process. This creates simplicity to help you get your product certified, California Rule 21 compliant and shipped as quickly as possible.
  • Expertise in secure networks. Through our rich history with CableLabs in providing high-end security for DOCSIS® networked devices, we are experts at designing, governing and managing large public key infrastructure (PKI) ecosystems. Today we provide security for some of the largest networks in the world, spanning cable, medical, IoT and healthcare industries.
  • Expertise in hardware and manufacturing workflows. Kyrio has unique insights into hardware and systems manufacturing processes to help our customers integrate security seamlessly into their manufacturing flows. We provide management and resources to help you secure your device faster, while streamlining your manufacturing processes.

Get SunSpec Certified

Upon successful testing of your product against SunSpec’s IEEE 2030.5 / CSIP Certification criteria at a SunSpec ATL, SunSpec will then evaluate your results, certify your device, and notify Kyrio so you may proceed with requesting production PKI certificates.

Get Production PKI Certificates with Kyrio

Once your device is SunSpec Certified, you can request PKI production certificates through Kyrio. Before filling out the form on this page, please familiarize yourself with the following:

  • Who can acquire production PKI certificates? Production PKI certificates are available to organizations who have completed SunSpec certification for their product(s).
  • Can I use the PKI certificates from my ATL for certification testing?
    One benefit of SunSpec membership is access to test PKI certificates that will be used during product development and testing. This allows for proper testing and evaluation prior to certification testing with an ATL. While ATLs may offer test PKI certificates for testing, it’s expected that organizations acquire their own test PKI certificates from SunSpec.
  • What information do I need to provide before acquiring PKI production certificates from Kyrio?
    Once you have SunSpec Certification, you will need to provide Kyrio with details about the organization (ex. EIN number) and its key contacts (executive, legal, technical and billing), which will be verified by Kyrio.
  • How long does it take to get my production PKI certificates? Exclusive of the membership and certification process, the initial set-up for PKI certificates takes between two and four weeks. Because of the nature of a PKI implementation, Kyrio provides a thorough validation and authentication into the organization and its contacts to ensure the highest level of security. Subsequent PKI certificate purchases happen much more quickly within one to two days.
  • What may delay me from receiving my PKI certificates? Delays in the process typically occur during validation and verification steps where the contacts do not respond in a timely fashion, they are not at the right level (VP or higher) or there are issues confirming business information (e.g. different names). The Kyrio team will work with you to streamline the process as much as possible.
  • How can I expedite my request for PKI certificates? Kyrio does not offer any expedited services for issuing PKI certificates. Because of the nature of the PKI implementation and vetting and authenticating contacts, we are a first come, first served basis.
  • How do I install my PKI certificates? PKI certificate installation will vary by device and/or system. Certificates are typically installed as part of the manufacturing process.

PKI Frequently Asked Questions

Ship California Rule 21 Compliant Products

After completing your SunSpec Certification and enrolling in the production PKI certificates, your product will be in compliance with California’s Rule 21, listed in SunSpec’s product registry and will be ready for shipping.