Wireless Device Testing

Performed by a neutral third-party, this testing suite assures that a product will perform in any number of conditions. It will also provide a thorough comparative analysis of all considered and tested devices.

Find The Right Fit

.ax Interoperability (Homologation) Testing Suite

Selection of the best performing device

Operators have a lot of choices on the device front. To make the hunt for the right device easier, operators can complete a comparative analysis of all interested devices. This is typically part of an RFP process and it is common for interested suppliers to fund the test plan.

The right fit (comparison icon)

Kyrio’s Homologation Test Suite includes 16 critical tests that, once completed, will provide operators with thorough device insights on​​

  • Basic operational and fundamental functionality 
  • Ability to operate at all expected channel widths
  • Throughput and coverage in a test house 
  • Effect of attenuation and throughput variances
  • RF characteristics and performance 
  • Agility of device’s ability to identify and react to co-channel interference
  • Device’s ability to service multiple disperse clients with a UHD/4k-like load for 20 continuous hours